Hello friend i'm cait i'm super awesome

cis fem, she/her pronouns <3

I like supernatural and pretty things i made a purely supernatural sideblog because i have far too much free time it's goldeans and it's where i more supernatural and maybe slightly nsfw sometimes and write things and etc

I'm 20 and i live in london how scary

and if you wanna know more then check this out


u know how sometimes if u eat too much of a certain food you get sick of it

like my mom used to make spaghetti several times a week for YEARS bc it was quick and easy so now im kinda “meh” about spaghetti

you know that feeling??

that’s how i feel about white cis male protagonists

shari-en-de-schepping replied to your photoset “kind of tagged by shari-en-de-schepping for the six face things u…”

you are incredibly beautiful and also no i’m not doing it again

awwwwww but i need more of ur face

if you have a dog go hug it right now and tell them the hug is from me

does it ever worry u when u tell a dog owner to give the pub a big hug from u that they don’t do it


I want to remind everyone that this s my greatest halloween costume ever


I want to remind everyone that this s my greatest halloween costume ever

kind of tagged by shari-en-de-schepping for the six face things

u know who should do this shari-en-de-schepping should do this again and also bloglikeanegyptian and madamelapin and iregretathing and dani u can too but u have never posted a selfie i dont think so 

also u

u reading this

u should do this too


wtf im in mutuals with so many cuties. so many rad folks. i like you guys a lot

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sorry but this is very important


to do list:

  • task infection control
  • task pregnancy
  • task manual handling
  • task exposures
  • task body parts thing
  • organise portfolio
  • tidy room
  • pack for going home 
  • wash up
  • hoover
  • write like three reflections
  • find that reflection thing


this movie is fucking art

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oh and my friend on my course ate some onions in her lunch and we went to get back to thing and there’s a sink in the changing rooms and she just


i was like “what - i can’t be here i - ” and then ran out 

and came back in three minutes later and she was laughing nad i was like this is embarrassing i can’t stand people doing their teeth in front of me

also im panicking about if i had kids would i ruin their teeth i would totally promote them eating fruit i mean iwould follow my um in mostly banning fruit juice unless holiday but then the kids rebel and have sugar and dont brush their teeth and baby teeth aren’t safe!!!! for one there’s like four years where kids have some baby teetha nd some adutlt teeth and also poor baby teeth can damage the undeveloped bb teeth i

……………………………mb stopping seeing my therapist is a bad thing and um

nbut i think i would take cbt more seriouesly and stop whining to myself baout it 

the othe day i had a conversation in my head describing how anxiety works like how when things go wrong neurons go wild like omg must fix!!! and then when resolved they chill out and the chilling out bit doens’t happen rlly in anxiety 

and so i was like to the not person i was talking to and thats why u must rewire ur brain and that’s why cbt  and talking therapy is proven to work

and then it occurred to me i am still v anxious yet i am stopping therapist bc

idk why? the way she says my name annoys me? 

idk but i dont want her no more besides ive already said i dont want mre so